Serving Divorce Papers in India

In case of divorce petitions, the copy of the petition has to be served upon your spouse to intimate him or her about the action initiated before the court. The copy of the petition informs the party about the facts and the reason(s) for divorce in detail along with other necessary information. The matrimonial matters generally involve emotions of the parties and their family members and thus we use our mature and experienced process servers who are capable of handling problematic situations such as resistance of the party, aggressive behavior of family members etc. Our process servers have a proven track record of serving the divorce papers to the party even in the most difficult situations. We treat each case individually and use customized strategy to ensure that divorce papers are served successfully.

In case your spouse is uncooperative and is not ready to accept the divorce papers, the documents will be left on the ground in front of him or her. Alternatively, the documents are handed over to a person (generally family member) of suitable age and discretion who lives with your spouse in the same house. This is called Substituted Service and is accepted in most jurisdictions. A Certificate of Service stating that the documents have been successfully delivered will be provided to you.