Best Legal Process Servers In India


In-house Legal Team

We have an strong team of lawyers who always ready to advise the process servers how to serve the documents in a legal and effective manner.


Reasonable Fee

Our fee is very reasonable and quality of service is high. We want our clients to be happy and satisfied.


Nationwide Presence

We have nationwide network of process servers which ensures efficiency. We generally serve the documents in 2-4 working days.


Professional and Reliable

We ensure you that our services are professional and reliable. We do not leave any room for errors.

About us

Elite Process Servers are the most professional , reliable and afforadable personal process servers in india. We do service of process all over Asia and Europe.We have physical offices in New Delhi,India and London ,United Kingdom. We are the best process servers for serving Divorce papers in India, Subpoena serving in India , Serving complaints in India and Serving Legal Documents in India.

Our Process servers are well experienced and are spread all across India so as to provide you efficient service. we understand the importance and sensitivity of the legal matters and make efforts to provide best of our services. It is pertinent to mention that the legal process service in India is done under the able guidance of a renowned lawyer who has been handing wide range of legal matters for about 40 years.

We serve all types of legal documents including but not limited to those mentioned below:
• Process Service of Divorce Papers in India
• Process Service of documents related to other Matrimonial Disputes
• Process Service of Subpoena/Summon issued by foreign courts
• Process Service of Complaint/Petition filed in foreign courts
• Process Service of documents pertaining to family matters such as Child Custody
• Process Service of other Judicial and Extra-Judicial documents in Civil and Commercial Matters such as insolvency, bankruptcy etc.

The type of legal process service in India that we offer can be categorized in the following two classes:

Normal Process Service – This is type of process service in which the person on whom the documents have to be served lives/works at the known address. The process server approaches the party, explain him/her about the purpose of visit and then serve the documents on the party. At the time of service of process, the process server also tries to obtain the acknowledgment of receipt of documents from the party. However, in some cases, the parties refuse to provide written acknowledgement.

In some cases, the documents have to be served to a member of family of the party. This can be due to various reasons. This is called Substituted Service and is acceptable in most jurisdictions.

Skip Trace – If the person on whom the documents have to be served does not live/work at the known address, our process server make enquiries from the people living at such address or in the neighborhood. If the current address of the party is revealed and falls within the same city, the service of process is done at that address. However, if the current address of the party is in some other city, a reasonable additional fee will be payable.

If the process server is unable to extract the current address of the party through enquiries we can use advance skills to locate the party. Once the address of party is found, the documents will be served on him/her.

Elite Process Servers is a unit of Singh Risk Management Service (OPC) Private Limited which provides a wide range of risk management and investigation services. For detailed information, please visit our websites mentioned below: