Service of Process in India

We are the most professional, reliable and affordable personal process servers in India. The service of documents is done under the guidance of an experienced lawyer. Our team of qualified and experienced process servers is very effective in smooth service of documents. They are capable of handling problematic situations such as resistance of the party, aggressive behavior of family members etc. They take care that the service of process is done without offending anyone. We also make efforts to take written acknowledgement of the party and in most of the cases we are able to get the same
We will ask you the time and day when the party is likely to be present at the provided address and our process server will visit the premises of party at the time suggested by you. This is done to ensure that the service of documents can be done in the first visit itself. In some cases, the person to whom the documents need to be served is not available at the time of visit. In such circumstances, the process server will make enquiries from the family members or neighbors to find out the probable time when the party will be back.

A second visit is made and the documents are delivered to the party. There is no additional charge if the second visit is done the same day or the following day. However, if the party is out of town and is not expected to come back on the day of visit or the following day, a second visit will be made on the time suggested by you and an additional charge will be made to cover the expenses. Alternatively, the documents can be handed over to one of the family members of the party, if instructed by you. This is called Substituted Service. If the family members or neighbors provide the address of workplace of the party and address is of the same area, the process service will be done at such address.

After the process service is done, the process server will provide you an affidavit stating the details of the person to whom the documents were served along with the time and place of service.